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New Speciality Pilates Classes at NeXa

Pilates: Kicks N' Sweats Dance Cardio Saturday @ 2pm Pilates: Kicks N’ Sweats Dance Cardio will combine fundamental Pilates exercises with a high energy dance cardio class. Learn fun, upbeat dance routines from a Rockette that are easy to pick up and designed to get your heart rate lifted. Drop down to your mat for an active recovery with toning and strengthening Pilates exercises. This is a killer workout with our trainer, Katie! Click here to book

Pilates: All about your BOOTY Monday @ 6pm All About the Booty is going to be a 45 minute invigorating workout with focused exercises to create your perfect booty. Your teacher will break this class up into 3 parts. Pilates for toning, squats and lunges to fire up your glutes and legs, and then work on the mat with a series of dynamic exercises to reshape your booty.  Click here to book

Pilates: All about your LEGS Wednesday @ 10am Albina has created a workout incorporating Pilates mat exercises to create strong and lean leg muscle that will define your legs while challenging the core and burning calories. Join Albina and tone your legs today! Click here to book Pilates: All about your ARMS

Saturday @ 10am

Sunday @ 12pm Your trainer will incorporate Pilates movement to tone and sculpt your arms. Get the long and lean muscle you always wanted. This is a mat Pilates class with a focus on arms-building endurance, resistance, and strength. Please have weights (or water bottles) and a theraband (or a towel) to use during your workout. If you have a magic circle, please have it available. Click here to book

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