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Rob Denton is a classically trained Pilates instructor with over sixteen years of experience teaching Pilates. Born and raised in Texas, Rob is a theatrical lighting designer who has a huge passion for mind and body health. Early in his design career, Rob was seeking a way to counter the day-to-day toll placed on his body when he discovered all the benefits Pilates has to offer. As an avid exerciser, Rob uses his Pilates training as a foundation to achieve goals in all realms of his fitness: yoga, cycling, and especially weight training.


Rob pursued a certification in Pilates to deepen his own knowledge and soon realized his passion for sharing the benefits of Pilates with others. He thoroughly enjoys working with athletes and performers to help them discover the same extraordinary benefits Pilates will also bring to their lives. Rob believes that we are all meant to move and live in the world and that through learning to move properly, our bodies will start to change, heal, and become stronger. Rob works with each client on their own individual and unique path in Pilates and enjoys helping his clients reach goals along their physical journey and reach a place where movement heals. 

Rob has been fortunate to teach at studios across the country as he traveled for his design career and has called New York City his Pilates home since 2009.



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