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Our goal is to honor the original method of Joseph H Pilates. We stay true to the classical Pilates method, analyze it’s fundamental concepts and teach with an in-depth and intelligent approach to our training programs.


The Pilates Standard Comprehensive, Mat and several continuing education workshops were designed by the late Bob Liekens, a second generation Pilates instructor coming directly from the Romana Kryzanovska lineage. Throughout his 35 year teaching career, Bob became one of the most sought out master trainers of all time. He entered Romana’s studio in 1983 for his first Pilates workout, within a short time he became a teacher and continued to work closely with Romana for another 17 years. In 1997, Romana and Bob

co-wrote the first Pilates teacher training manual ever. Bob chose to dedicate his life to teach the work of Joe Pilates and Romana, he kept Classical Pilates alive and inspired thousands of Pilates teachers and teacher trainers all over the world.


The Pilates Standard teaches the original method supported by bio-mechanic principles of the human body, and the teachers we develop have an enhanced understanding of the Pilates method and how to advance their students effectively. Our education curriculum encompasses the classical Pilates exercises on both the Mat and Apparatuses, the science of the anatomy and bio-mechanics, as well as special cases of various symptoms and illnesses.

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