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Anna has been in the fitness industry for over 19 years teaching Pilates, Yoga, Kettlebells and Strength Training. She spent her first 7 years in the NYC Pilates community under Susan Moran and Bob Liekens at Power Pilates. The next 5 years she spent in West Africa running her own dance company and private Pilates and Yoga business throughout Senegal. She came back to NYC in 2015 and became a Lead trainer with Real Pilates under Alycea Ungaro. In 2018, Anna and opened her first studio, NeXa, with her late business partner Anne Jameson. Today she is the sole owner of her upper west side studio that offers both Pilates training for clients and Teacher Training for aspiring teachers via Bob Liekens' The Pilates Standard. Nexa also services the community with several different modalities beyond Pilates including Yoga, Kettlebells, TRX, Strength training and more. Anna is passionate about her work and continues to study with teachers from all over the world regularly to expand on her knowledge base and help her clients learn and grow.    


Anna’s fitness education training includes:

Power Pilates teacher training (2004)

Dharma Yoga teacher training(2009)

National Council on Strength & Fitness certification (2012)

National Gymnastics Council (2013)

Shanti Yoga training (2014) 

Real Pilates Lead Trainer (2017)

TRX suspension training (2018)

Bob Liekens' LEAP Program (2018) 

PTEC personal training (2018)

FAMI anatomy training (2019)

The Pilates Standard Teacher Trainer (2020)

Strong First KB SFG I & II (2019, 2020 and 2021)


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