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Hands on cueing part 1- The Mat Work with Anna Clark 
Saturday, June 19th 2021
From: 12pm-3pm

Tactile or ‘hands-on’ cueing, is the most effective way to indicate action, direction and intention to our clients. Do you feel comfortable using your hands when you need to? Are your hands-on cues clear? Are you confident spotting clients on more advanced exercises, where safety is involved? Join Master trainer Anna Clark as she goes through each of the original 34 mat exercises to show how you can align, assist, resist or stretch your clients in each exercise. Anna has been teaching for Pilates for 18 years and runs Nexa Pilates and Fitness in NYC. She is also the National Director for Bob Liekens’ The Pilates Standard Teacher Trainer program. Join us for the first part of her series of Hands On Cueing workshops - The Mat Work.



Register by email:

call: 212 803 3323

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