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Born and raised as an active kid in New York City, Erin began yoga and ballet at age 7 and was always on the seasonal sports team at the local YMCA.


 At twelve, she noticed the connection between lifestyle choices and quality of life after multiple family illnesses and picked up her first nutrition book. She studied Drama and French at Bennington College, where she also took classes at their Martha Graham dance center. 


She took up powerlifting her last semester of college to reach aesthetic goals and fell in love with the way it made her feel. The ease at which one moves through life when strong was something she wanted to help others feel, as well.


She quickly started studying under and interning for Master Coach Christian Zetterberg at the Wrightstown Health and Fitness Center where she learned to use some of the latest technology in fitness, participated in recreating studies, and learned how to train people with his method, which emphasized functional fitness, posture, rehab, and training to age better.


While living in Arizona, she spent a year training with a professional bodybuilder colleague, learning her methods to help her clients with their physique goals. At this time, she also began coaching her husband, a professional MMA fighter, training him at the gym for power and physique, as well as coaching him through his nutrition for his sport and conducting his weight cuts for competitions.


She is currently completing her comprehensive Reformer and Mat certification through Breathe Education, although she has been teaching classes since this summer. While educated in the classical repertoire, she has developed a more contemporary style of teaching. She loves to bring the concepts of weight training to her Pilates classes to build a well-rounded workout.

Currently she is a NASM-certified personal trainer, nutrition coach, and behavior change specialist.  In addition to her work in the gym and studio, she writes for her wellness blog called Erin’s Wellness, and has private remote clients who she guides not only in fitness, but also nutrition, stress management, sleep, and boundary setting, as she believes physical wellness needs to be obtained by treating the body and mind as a single entity.

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