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"Consistent movement is the key to feeling good!" 


Jennifer found a more specific body awareness through Pilates training. As an actor and dancer in NYC, the Classical Pilates method has proven to be consistent and beneficial for keeping the body feeling good and active. Jennifer attended Conservatory training for Musical Theatre when she first arrived in NYC, and began Pilates shortly after to help rehab a minor dance injury. From then she was hooked, and went on to complete the Comprehensive teacher training program with Power Pilates. Jennifer is also a certified Yoga instructor, and happy to provide yoga training sessions as well. She believes

there is always something new to learn, explore and achieve through Pilates and movement training. To maintain a healthy lifestyle, Pilates can be applied as you are lifting grocery bags, picking up a small child, and even climbing stairs! Jennifer loves when her clients feel lengthened, toned and invigorated after their Pilates private session. She offers further knowledge for prenatal and postpartum clients, those rehabbing injuries, or anyone with back issues.



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