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NeXa Pilates Named in ‘20 Best Pilates Teachers in New York’

Through analyzing 1,688 Pilates Teachers in New York, Expertise aims to ‘connect people with the best local experts’. Using 25 variables across five different categories, Expertise looked at in-depth criteria to assess the top Pilates teachers in New York City. The selection criteria in selecting the top 20 Pilates Teachers were; Availability, Qualifications, Reputation, Experience & Professionalism.

With trainers that have over 10+ years of experience, we are proud to have been recognized as one of the top Pilates & Fitness studios in the city. We believe in challenging the body in a multi-faceted way to create a lasting change in the body, and NeXa’s Pilates teachers are committed, knowledgeable, and welcoming in helping clients from all ages achieve their fitness goals in a safe environment.

Founded by two friends in 2018, NeXa Pilates has established itself as one of the top Pilates & Fitness studios in the city. With a 2400 Sq Ft studio located on the Upper West Side, the whole range of classical Pilates equipment by Gratz allows NeXa teachers to offer one-on-one private sessions that help clients attain their fitness goals.

This January, Pilates enthusiasts have enrolled in the ‘Pilates Standard Teaching Program’ offered by NeXa. We are thrilled to be able to use our fully equipped studio to educate & train future Pilates instructors through our expert trainers. Our apprentices have just completed their second week of training and are now preparing for their 100hr exam. NeXa is proud to be able to take part in Pilates education, being recognized in the ‘Best Pilates Teachers’ is a testament to our values and commitment.

With our staff who use a well-rounded, whole body approach, NeXa is delighted in helping clients achieve their fitness goals, as well as help relieve back-pain and stress, through Pilates, which can so often be a hindrance in daily tasks. The comprehensive and diverse training approach offers clients the ability to set their goals and establish a plan in conjunction with an instructor.

The passion and commitment of our NeXa trainers is always rewarding through the positive feedback we receive from our clients. Hearing from Rosanne H. that ‘NeXa has changed her life. Introduced her to Pilates in a caring and careful way’ where she ‘feels better; her body feels better’ is why our founders chose to open a Pilates & Fitness studio back in 2018.

NeXa Pilates & Fitness is honored to be featured in the top 20 best Pilates Teachers in New York City by Expertise.Through our commitment, expertise & education, NeXa will continue to establish itself as one of the best Pilates Studios in the city through guiding clients in achieving their fitness goals and flexibility.

NeXa is offering one-on-one Pilate sessions from $79:

Private Infrared Sauna Sessions 15% Off First Package:

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