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Park Pilates Privates with NeXa

Announcing Park Privates!

NeXa is now offering Park Privates in Central Park or Riverside Park. Our trainers can meet you at your preferred location. All you need is a Mat, small weights, bottled water and a towel. Email for more details.

We are constantly updating our virtual schedule to meet the needs of our clients. Check out the class schedule below and book your next virtual workout with NeXa!

Thursday 10am Pilates Core: Vital Stretch | Albina 11am Chair Yoga | Jane 1pm Intermediate Pilates Semi Session | Anna 2:30pm The Pilates Yogi-Community | Anna 3:30pm Teen/Tween Pilates-Community | Tehzeen 6pm Magic Circle Mat | Jimi

Friday 9am Pilates Semi Session | Katie 11am Magic Circle Mat | Roberta 1pm Pilates Semi Session | Karen 4pm Beginner Pilates Mat | Tehzeen

Saturday 10am Pilates Semi Session | Katrina 11am Chair Yoga | Jane 11am Pilates: All about your Arms-Community | Karen 12pm Pilates Semi Session | Katie 2pm Pilates: Kick N' Sweats Dance Cardio- Community | Katie

Sunday 10am Pilates with a Foam Roller | Jimi (substitute) 11am Magic Circle Mat | Karen (substitute) 12pm Pilates Semi Session | Karen (substitute) 2pm Pilates: All about your Arms-Community | Karen (substitute)

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