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WE LOVE BEING BACK AT THE STUDIO AND YOU WILL TOO! Hello NeXa Family: We want to update you on the reopening of the studio. We are offering In-Studio Privates Monday-Friday 7am-8pm and Saturday & Sunday 9am-4pm. Do you miss all of the Pilates Equipment?The Reformer, Cadillac, and Tower are waiting for you...

CLIENT TESTIMONIAL: "My session was near perfect. I say near, because nothing is perfect - no such word. Katrina is a dream teacher (as is Jennifer and of course, Anna). The studio is so inviting. I like the new arrangement of the front desk, the lovely artistry, the colors, and most important, the attention to cleanliness. I never had a moment of health worry, and I know that is a testament to how your organization is run." - Sandra All of your favorite trainers are back In-Studio: Anna Jimi Sarah Katrina Albina New to the NeXa Trainers: Georgette Georgette is an authentic certified Pilates/Gyrotonic/Yoga instructor and a licensed Dance Therapist. She has explored her passion for movement through many years of dance, Yoga, and Pilates. Her discovery of Pilates/Gyrotonic and her decision to become an instructor was a natural progression of her physical pursuits. After dancing over 25 years and a graduate from Martha Graham School of Contemporary Dance she began taking Pilates/Gyrotonic as a way to find relief from her own hip and hamstring injury. She earned her teaching certification in Gyrotonic in 2018, and Pilates from the Kane School of Core Integration, in 2008 and her masters in Creative Arts Therapy from Pratt Institute in 2007. Encouraged by her progress, Georgette wanted to share Pilates/Gyrotonic with others. She continues to expand her knowledge of the body and mind teaching movement for a better way of health and being.



BRING IT BACK 6 PACK 6 Privates for $475

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